16 June 2005

Summer Rain Storms

I can't honestly thing of anything sexual to write right now, I actually want to talk about the weather. Wait a minute. . .

So some of you may know I'm DJing and hosting an underwear party in the East Village. It's supposedly sleazy and rock n roll, but nothing crazy seems to ever happen. There are three boys that work it and they always suck dick in the bathroom, but other than that and some line blowing, nothing that interesting happens. I've decided tonight to get fucked in the bathroom by as many guys as possible, while DJing, or while I'm DJing period, and document the photos. Still, that's not crazy I guess, coming from a Mormon it would, but me not really, but I'm trying. Any ideas people? How can I scare faggots into action?

1 comment:

savante said...

Dang, if I knew how to scare gay men into action, I'd be getting some too! :) Hell, I'm in a sexual drought.