29 July 2010


young single dad looking for a guy who has an international lifestyle is busy/ successful and wants a family :) dont have a home, so looking to live anywhere, profile location isnt where I am necessarily ;) instant family with the right guy (have kid)

i get off on the idea of my man fucking me to sleep, and holding me. a man who can be a man for me and a family.

travel is nice, been to 50+ countries, but really want a man with big arms


me i am young, playful, sharp, independent, and looking..Shit! I hate looking, dating, and meeting people. Just want to sign on the dotted line, just want that one amazing guy... and want to stick with him! L-ove him. Prefer guys who like to pick up the phone, talk and get the plane to meet, not into chat. I am looking for a man, for the long-term, be a family, move around the world, travel with you. If youre him say so and be aggressive & confident about it. I do not want compliments or encouragement, makes me feel lonely. I like remote places, am not too social. I need a guy who can take charge and support the family. Its about roles, & that works for me.

Ideally we could travel all the time, and revert to homebase. My daughter is 3.

I like long runs in the woods (at night), great dinners in remote restaurants, dive diners, bbq on a fire, cuddlin' on the plane, long drives through wild places, sleeping on the beach, rocking the boat or sitting on a curb next to you.

Looking for a crazy fun, yet very responsible successful guy. I am out of my mind, but have a sharp head on my shoulders. I am reliable and sane, just totally uninterested in a normal life. When I say I will, i am not a minute late.

My daughter and I are a package deal, you get a family! A family is what you are missing. Trust. You'll realize you can trust me. I'll find my passion.

Can be willing, aggressive, successful, playful, stubborn, & hurt.

World is your oyster. You're strong,intense, scary & aggressive,yet kind and endearing. I am all, which makes it harder to love me. You are total man and understand though i am independent, I truly want to depend on you.Settling down in your arms is scary for me but what i want.

You can afford (time&financially) freedom. lots of it.

You get crazy mad in love. You see me on the other side of the room at a party and feel alone with me, you give me that look like that tells me i am about to get it.. hard:) basically you're intense & confident.. a man. -I am.

You get excited about helping me become more successful as I do helping you. We're are a team, you can offer the best, you have everything, but are happy with nothing, like me ;) I too want a partner in life and business.

I want to be really impressed. I'll impress you.

Travel the world with me, love & take care of me and the kid(s), take charge. I can, but need you to. Lets make a home(s) together. I dont care just want to do it with my buddy. Tired of going it alone.

Under the stars or in 7 stars I would like and want to be able to do both with you. I can appreciate good food, and I can appreciate a sharp knife when I slaughter for food. Am that kind of guy. I like to do anything with adventure. I ski (well), scuba dive (advanced), run in the woods(at night), dive off the boat (into deep oceans), i mountain bike, and i love to curl up and cuddle. I want to do it all with you, my buddy.I'll bring the family, energy, playfulness and good times. I am a hard worker, everything i've had was cause i worked for it and people believed in me, I dont come from money. I need someone who can love, protect and provide.I dont want to worry about money, thats your role. Dont worry Ill make lots of it for us too. Be the man for me and the family, and be able to offer an amazing life. I'll do more than my share. Where you leave off, I'll pick up.. I am a very very strong guy. I like alpha male types, I am one too, but would like you to take the helm. I will run from anything that resembles a normal life. I hate shopping & accumulating things. I lived a nice big house, had my two cars, my truck and my kid and a live in nanny... I was so terribly alone and lonely. So i gave it up, and walked away. I'll make a home, but i want to make it with you. Your life better be an amazing one, or you have the means to let me make it an amazing one for us. Need a man who has lived as much of life as I have. Am the type of guy you have to meet to fully understand. My age or older know what you like, and have an amazing life to share. Am not looking for friends, chat buddies, am looking for that one guy.. my guy. Am a farmboy, wild boy at heart. I am lost in cities, social scenes or anything that resembles the masses. Driving my truck through elephants or car&driver are more my style than waiting for a car wash. Want a guy who wants the best for my (our)kids, and can offer it. I want to be that special buddy to a very special guy. You'll be mine. Like I am in my life, you're Very confident in the bed. You're mine, and ill be yours. Dont have a home, just traveling till i find something i like. Age looks etc aren't so important,,,it's about how good you make me want to be, and we make each other feel. You are who you are, not the looks you are born with ;) Yes, me too I get tired, and sometimes look for a place where i can settle down for a bit..with my guy. Most animals dont initially like their mate, am open minded. Something intense, scary and full of love would be good for me;) I need someone who can hold me tight.
________________________________________ ______
All that said, I am very independent. I had a dream once that i was dating a very busy man (columbian drug lord in the dream), who lived a top of a mountain, and who wasn't able to for whatever reason to spend the all the days of the year with me, but we had a deal, when the other called in need, the other came. I think that could work for me too.

________________________________________ __________________________ During, Before and After all the above... I am just a young man looking for love & a partner.

28 July 2010

23 July 2010


I really love doing porn.  It turns me on a lot.  Why should I feel embarrassed or ashamed that I have gone out and done something that makes me feel great, look great, and I'm having some of the hottest sex on the planet.  and what I mean when I say that, I mean, gives me boners for days, weeks, months later.  Maybe it is the effect of the cult, Treasure Island Media, that I am now part of.  I have been thinking about things in terms of Daddy/Son type ways, and it's kinda like Treasure Island is the daddy, whoring his boys out to all his other boys.  When I was in SF I felt like Cory the whole time.  Cory can do things that Darren wouldn't do.  I've been telling myself to hold onto that feeling and carry it on.  Embrace Cory, don't be afraid of him.  Cory is kindofthe idealized, super slutty, version of me. 

It's hard not to think that this creation of Cory is his mind's way of not dealing with things he deems too painful to deal with, so for him to enjoy himself and relax and enjoy things a bit Cory has to come out and woooooEEEEEEooooooooo.

15 July 2010

I Have a Problem with Authority

and I think I've been running away from something my whole life.  The something changes regularly.  Kinda funny, right, that I, of all people, would be afraid of feeling. 

13 July 2010

My SF Trip (XXX)

Holy Fuck!  This wasn't so much a trip as it was a mentality, which I guess makes it a head trip?

First off, I will say I roomed wtih Jessy Karson.

Brad McGuire was in the room next door.

Jerry Stearns had some kind words to share with me after we met, the whole studio has been talking about what happened when we met. 

Treasure Island Exclusives are not randomly selected.  It was less like porn and more like sex than anything I have ever done with a video camera and lighting before.

And what can I say about the freedom being on vacation affords?  What happens when you walk into the Treasure Island Media/Naked Sword party at TRUCK you were supposed to be at, thirty minutes, and this immediately happens:

"you know, after our scene was finished, I wanted to fuck you so bad...  I went to your door but I heard voices and didn't want to bother you."
[ed. note: the voice was Jessy Karson, who would not have minded being interrupted, as he would have been happy to share me]
 your wish is granted.  no lube, no nothing.  just suck it till it's hard and wet and stick it in.  simple. 

 Sage Daniels is a dream and my biggest regret that weekend is that he only came inside me once.  I would happily be in his crotch for very, very long time.  And don't we look related?  

Brad McGuire is a dreamotherfuckingboat.  The first time (and every time thereafter) he put my head in his armpit, my knees went a little weak and I let out a low lecherous animal growl.  I'm pretty I sure I saw him chuckle a bit (and every time thereafter).  I am helpless.  The iciest, most piercing blue eyes.  Wolfy. 

I like my new family.

And, yeah, the huge poster behind us is Dawson and a puppy.

09 July 2010


It's really funny, right, how I feel it's OK to get buttfucked in front of you guys but it's not OK to talk about other things?  Like I'm a role model or something.

So I didn't write anything for a bit.

Now I'm a porn st☆r again.

I should start writing more.  Posting pictures.  Sexy.

I have sex all the time now, sheesh!  It's hot too.  SUPER HOT.  I should be sharing it with people.

I received a text from my sister the other day that she reads THIS VERY blog, which freaked me out. 

The things I post here, sometimes I re-read them, and I myself am shocked by the brutal honesty. 

To think, this is only a tiny fraction of my good behavior.

I am so fortunate to have family that loves me no matter what. 

But at the same time, I don't want to hear about what anyone's business in the bedroom.  I don't talk about my sex life, at least I don't elaborate on it as much as I do here.  Then again, I am not forcing anyone to listen or read.

It has become very clear to me what I have been doing for years.  I have been trying to whittle down the number, and intensity, of people that depend on me for anything.  Cutting my ties, obligations.  I received a text just a few minutes ago from a friend, that I should consider myself family now.  I started to text back, "Don't be surprised when I don't see you or talk to you for weeks, months, or years at a time now!"

Then I decided not to write back.