25 March 2006

So Reactionary

I hate and love it when people leave comments. I always think that they should leave their opinions to themselves, but I guess I shouldn't be particularly entitled to have one either then. I should be a dictator. That's the only way I could be happy I think. So what kind of typical mid twenties shit is that, motherfuckers? ? ?

19 March 2006

This is Really Hard for Me Now

I just don't want to write about my life. I'm afraid it's because I'm ashamed of it, even though from a typical moral viewpoint my life is least shameful now than it's ever been. I don't want you to know what's going on inside my head or am I just projecting?

16 March 2006

Every Time I Say I Resume Posting. . .

I don't! However, now that I'm not as exhibitionistic in my real life, I figure it's time to be somewhat exhibitionistic in my faux life, especially since I haven't done any movies in a while.

As some of you may know, although I don't know how any of you would know, I'M BORING NOW. I got back together with my ex that I had so many lovely things to write about in the past, well, not write about, but reference, I suppose. I moved back in, and we built a walk-in closet and he's talking about getting a dog. I'm thinking about subscribing to Martha Stewart. I read Gourmet every month. I've dabbled with raw foods. Now instead of cruising the internet for sex, I cruise Design Within Reach for lighting solutions. I think, "Moving to New Jersey wouldn't be bad, it's only fifty minutes away from the city by train, and I could have a big garden where I could grow nasturtiums, bearded irises, maybe some heirloom tomato varietals. I'm thinking about partial castration.

I work, although I make no money working. It's very odd, to be legit now, and to work more, and get less. So annoying.

I go-go dance once a week so I don't feel too square. Sometimes I don't go into work until noon.

I try to stay away from dairy.

I have a gut.

Soymilk doesn't taste as good as whole milk to me.

I wear the same black stretch jeans every day.

I have a mullet.

I eat lots of granola, sometimes with soymilk, sometimes with sheepsmilk yogurt.

Sometimes I eat sheepsmilk yogurt with raw cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, a bit of pure maple syrup, sprouted flax seeds, and a quick grate of fresh nutmeg. Nothing really beats the aromatic qualities of fresh-ground nutmeg. It's also essential on bolognese sauce.