23 April 2011

I Make Something Pretty

I started a tumblr page.  I really like it so far.  perhaps you will too.  it's not very porn-y.  It's my perception of my surroundings with an homage to what I take our nationalism for.  Please follow me.  Please encourage others to have a look. 


I'm also trying my hand at poetry:

sneaky ninja snail
crime scene lines, baneful, beware:
bubbles blot blobs, bliss!
writing haikus run in in my family. 

22 April 2011

It's Like Breaking Up

A wise man once taught me it's best to sleep on it.  BACK TO THE DRAFTING TABLE!

My Pits Smell Like Cum

I spent the weekend with a handsome whip-smart guy.  The crush has been mutual and years-long.  I had a great time.  It was very sweet, relaxing, almost romantic.  The problem: for some reason or another, we only had sex once.  I was certainly holding back for some reason... Oh yeah, that's right, the whole sickening combination of sex and intimacy! 

In any case, I get home and my pits are smelling more.  If I sleep overnight with a guy my pits always smell more.  My testosterone is raging.  I get another load in me, and it just makes me more crazed.  I make plans to meet a guy off the interwebs at a new cruising ground I had never heard of.  I am in the boonies.  I drive out where the road ends into a bigger road onto a side road along I-5, past the river and into a parking lot by the bike path (who knew the bike path went this far, and what did fags do without nature paths?)  His described car is there.  I get out of my car and walk towards the path and the bushes, see him, and walk through the thorns.

We pull our dicks out after a bit of small talk about how there are no truckers or oil field workers looking for blowjobs before they go home today.  I get on my knees and start sucking his cock.  I'm impressed how big it gets.  Then he starts sucking my dick, giving me a great blowjob, flips me around and starts eating my ass till he decides to fuck me for a while.  Every now and then I turn around to suck his dick off and give him a kiss.  Then he tells me to shoot, boy.  I shoot a huge load all over my jeans around my ankles, the dirt, and my boots.  I scoop up some of the cum, feed it to him and me and we start making out.  When he gets close he asks me where I want the cum.  Initially I get on my knees facing him but realize I'd rather have it in my ass (duh) so I flip around and he rams his dick in my ass and shoots his load.  I make sure to milk every last drop.  I taste it on his dick and from my ass.  Pants up and back to cars.  A bit of small talk, a "by the way, what's your name?" and I'm back in my car.  Total time:  15 minute?

I didn't shower for a couple days afterwards.  I swear to god my pits smelled like cum.