29 November 2009

TD2009 Menu

beet-pickled deviled eggs
celeriac bisque with thyme creme fraiche and smoked salmon
green goddess butter leaf salad with chopped autumn vegetables and shrimp
brined heritage pork loin stuffed with apricots and currants
balsamic and pomegranate glazed baby onions
roasted autumn vegetables
sweet potato puree
collard greens
brussel sprout hash with figs, bacon and lemon zest

My friend, the baker, made a shitload of amazing desserts. yum.

Not Again...

I haven't left my house since Wednesday.
I haven't showered since Thursday.

Hot or Not?

I have petted my roommate's cats, collectively, for around ninety-six hours.
I have let dishes (some from TD2009 still; no one stayed around to help me clean. At all.) take over the kitchen.
I am wearing sweat pants.

Hot or Not?

26 November 2009


I have 14 wait 4 wait 8 wait 9 people attending my dinner this year. Menu plans to follow. I have been reconsidering the merits of being a total self-centered narcissist who writes about himself. Rather, I am realizing I could write maybe four separate blogs under different names and they would all be super personal and completely different. I don't know what my point is. You may or may not be reading more of my writings in the future.

I'm starting to feel relatively normal for once, and by that I mean what I think normal feels like, if you take pills in the morning to get you going and pills at night to slow you down.

It's never a dull moment over here in my head.

Love to all eleven of my followers--sheesh--I'm such a STAR!

Don't forget--I do not want your blanket.