28 April 2008

One of my Greatest Fears

Is that I'm boring. This was confirmed today when I last minute canceled a plan to go to a big radical faerie gathering for May Day which takes place on one of their compounds, Short Mountain in Tennessee. Maybe I am secretly boring, and I just go-go dance and turn tricks and do porn and work in fashion and art to make myself more interesting, and once all my friends figure this out, and also that I am pure evil on the inside trying to be nice on the outside, they will hate me along with the rest of the world.

It's one of those days. It's been a while since I've had one this severe.

It's raining. I want it to be sunny and pretty.

25 April 2008


This is a busy weekend for me... I will be go go dancing here tonight as well, and the getup will be a little more trashy punk rock n roll glam whore than what we're used to these days... Damon Demarco is coming over beforehand and we're doing each other's smoky eye.

21 April 2008

I Had Pork Six Ways Today

1.  In a BLT, and A on whole wheat with mustard, mayonnaise, red onion.
2.  The cubes of bacon in the sauteed bok choy.
3.  The Canadian ham wrapping the Mayan prawns.
4.  The Berkshire pork belly in the ramen.
5.  The Berkshire pork neck in the ramen.
6.  The pork broth of the ramen.

SATURDAY, April 26th

17 April 2008

Best Week Ever

So far this week, I have had tacos EVERY day, I got a new tattoo, and my new mattress was delivered.   AMAZING.  I upgraded from full to queen (insert joke here) and splurged on a Tempur-Pedic® Deluxe.  Fucking hell.  I've never been in a more comfortable bed (besides the celebrity bed and the ultimate bed, at $3500 and $6000 respectively).  AND it has a twenty year warranty.  I am so stoked!  I feel alert and fresh this morning (last night was my first night sleeping with my bed--notice I say sleeping WITH my bed, not ON my bed.  Such is the magic of Tempur-Pedic®.

14 April 2008

I Keep Missing

therapy, which is troubling. The other day, I showed up for therapy five minutes early. I was very proud of myself. My habit of being late for everything is one of the reasons why I'm there, late. In any case, I arrive five minutes early. I wait for a bit, fall asleep for an hour, wake up, and realize it's WEDNESDAY not THURSDAY. The next week, and I shit you not, I forget it's Thursday, and think it's Wednesday and miss it again. At my next session, we decided I would set a weekly alarm on my iPhone so I wouldn't forget. The next week I remembered when the alarm went off, vibrating my toe and making me giggle as I lay on my rooftop on a blanket soaking up the sun and huge bong tokes. I was forty minutes late, so I had to reset my weekly alarm forty minutes earlier. It now goes off at 4:31PM, Thursdays.

Mark Your Calendar: I'm Dancing at the Cock Tonight, April14th, "Twin Cheeks"

I just got asked to dance at the Cock tomorrow night, 29 2nd Ave in NYC... Stop by and say hi and tip me a $10 or $20. My buddy, DJ Josh Sparber will be spinning the tunes, I will be on top of the bar starting 1am doing dirty things.

08 April 2008

March 24

I woke up and turned a trick, then met my ex-boyfriend for an amazing lunch at the Spotted Pig. We shared deviled eggs, a dozen oysters, a fried duck egg and bacon salad, and pan fried calves liver with crispy pancetta, all washed down with a couple pints of speckled hen beer. I started crying during the calves liver because he left me. Then we shared a cheese plate. Then I went home and cried some more, slept off some of my food coma, and got ready to meet my best girlfriend and her boyfriend for dinner at Blue Ribbon Bakery. We toasted over a bottle of Veuve Cliquot and proceeded to share a dozen oysters, steamed clams, roasted whole garlic, roasted chorizo, and a green bean salad, and I followed that with some sweetbreads with a grilled onion compote and fennel and herb salad. This was followed by ordering every dessert off the menu and a nice cognac. After that, I ran home, douched myself clean and met a trick that wanted to be fisted. I fisted him and fucked him, then fisted and fucked him, then he fucked me, then I fisted him, then he fucked me till he came, apologizing that he usually lasted longer. Then I went home and to bed, by myself. Happy Birthday.

05 April 2008

Hey Y'all

Yes. It is me. I have decided to write again, mostly because I was described as a porn star and blogger recently in an email blast. I have been thinking about writing again (it seems that it is more interesting for all parties involved to write this thing when I'm single, so here goes, starting with my birthday, in which I turned 27. CRAP. This year I decided my (Cory's) birthday was March 27. The Cory generally known as someone else's birthday is March 24. Let's start with March 24th, shall we?