02 June 2008

Something Very Important

I've realized that I'm taking cymbalta for a reason... If I go off it, I go completely nutty. It happened to me again in the past month. I was really depressed anyway and figured that if I stopped taking it maybe I'd get my sex drive back at least, but instead I was subject to wild mood swings--from bad to worse. I didn't want to write about it, nor did I talk to friends about it, family; I isolated myself as best I could. I realized I was reaching an all-time low and thoughts were entering my head that never had before. I have a great lesbian therapist and that combined with resuming the cymbalta seemed to help, or rather, I woke up one day and decided to attract positive energy again. PHEW! More later. I'm trying to get to bed after such a crazy, wild weekend (I will post stories soon) but I can't stop thinking. I can barely keep my eyes open but my brain is wide awake. As usual. I keep trying to tell myself I control my brain, not the other way around, but the brain seems to be winning tonight...

OK I'm Feeling Better Now

I've had a great weekend. I have had tons of sex in the past week. All of it was fantastic. I had not had great sex since January. It's pretty great. I feel motivated enough to start pursuing my dreams again. WOO!