30 October 2008

I Bought a Costume Today

It's an instant cat.
Black PVC with Kelly green PVC and Kelly green plastic jewel accents.
Ears on a headband.
Tail with a loop.

I will be wearing it tonight at the Cock. Costumes for Friday and Saturday night are more substantial.


I'm really sad that I haven't posted things that I reminded myself to post last post. It seems like cheating if I post about them now, but what the Hell?

28 October 2008


Hey You,

I know you don't have time right now and I also know you had quite an eventful week last week. Don't forget to write about

new love
BUTT Party
anal fissure
Double Cheez Whiz
nice beard!
kilt party

OK thanks! Don't forget to write!!! I miss and love you more every day, oxoxCK

PS what are your plans to visit? I am off indefinitely and would love to get together. we can let bygones be bygones. I love you too much to let you go. Let's work this out, OK?

22 October 2008

I Eat the Same Thing for Breakfast Every Fucking Day

I wake up, put the kettle feed the cats (two Maine coons, they are huge and my lesbian roommates. both males. What is interesting about Maine coons is they are known for their vocals. Meows like you have never heard), make a pot of English breakfast tea that I drink with milk and agave nectar (low glycemic). Then I usually do my emailing while I wait for my steel-cut oatmeal to cook (it's the best oatmeal. Irish style. In the cute metal can. It takes thirty minutes but it's worth it. Alternatively you can boil it for five minutes the night before and let it sit, covered, till the morning and finish cooking it in a jiffy, but it makes it a bit less toothsome and more gummy). I always top my steel-cut oats with grade A organic maple syrup, a bit of cinnamon, and always, ALWAYS, fresh-ground nutmeg. Nothing like it. It's like that Japanese sixth sense... also the secret to an amazing Bolognese. I add whatever I have laying around--a handful of raisins, dried cranberries, sour cherries, apricots, chopped apple, banana, nuts.

I'm eating it right now.

I like starting my day the same every day.

I feel much better today.

My love life has been interesting lately. The fact that I have one is pretty interesting in and of itself, really. What started as a joke--me being only interested in either guys with boyfriends, or guys visiting from out of town, or both, has proven to be true, and now it's getting complicated. Funny how I was trying to avoid that. Am I ready for complications? Am I ready for love? Should I adopt my roommmate's' cats as my own and start my African violet collection?

21 October 2008

It's Happening Again

I have that queazy feeling in my stomach. I am unsure of my actions or motivations. I feel vulnerable. What could it be?

Hey Bro, Is There Something You Should Tell Me?

It was inevitable, yes, and it has finally happened. ¡Aye! My sister knows the full extent of my "modelling/go-go dancing/bartender/independent film actor/costumer" career.

I'm still too uncomfortable to fully process it.

I am happy to say that my amazing sister loves me unconditionally! I am truly gifted to have her and the rest of my family in my life.

Hopefully I'll be able to read her MySpace email tomorrow.

14 October 2008

Cut the Cake

For those of you who missed last night's Hustlaball, it was a total blast, a smashing success! Jeff at Rentboy is my new hero. Things got interesting when a fire started on the top floor and the club had to be evacuated. The party resumed thirty minutes to an hour later. DJ Rich King is my favorite DJ in the world. Ladyfag is the sexiest woman I know. I kinda want Rich and Lady to do it so I can watch. Hanging out with Ladyfag makes me feel very queer.

BTW, my burlesque number was a hit!

Thanks to Tony Serrano for cleaning up my mess. And to all the queens that bitched and moaned about the slippery, sticky, cakey mess that resulted from my act... DON'T BE JEALOUS!

On another note, I must say that someone needs to teach some of these newer, younger rentboys, some manners. You know who you are, little ones. Come to daddy.

10 October 2008

my burlesque debut, this Sunday...

I will be there, some of my favorite DJ acts will be there, including #1 Cory Koons Crush DJ Rich King of Snaxx and the Black Party fame, and my favorite pro dom and hot future fuck/turned BFF, Ladyfag, will be hosting the night's festivities. I go on at some point between 1am and 2am. I could give you more reasons to come, but do you need any more? Seriously...

go to hustlaball.com for more info. I promise I will learn how to post things better in the future...