14 October 2008

Cut the Cake

For those of you who missed last night's Hustlaball, it was a total blast, a smashing success! Jeff at Rentboy is my new hero. Things got interesting when a fire started on the top floor and the club had to be evacuated. The party resumed thirty minutes to an hour later. DJ Rich King is my favorite DJ in the world. Ladyfag is the sexiest woman I know. I kinda want Rich and Lady to do it so I can watch. Hanging out with Ladyfag makes me feel very queer.

BTW, my burlesque number was a hit!

Thanks to Tony Serrano for cleaning up my mess. And to all the queens that bitched and moaned about the slippery, sticky, cakey mess that resulted from my act... DON'T BE JEALOUS!

On another note, I must say that someone needs to teach some of these newer, younger rentboys, some manners. You know who you are, little ones. Come to daddy.


Anonymous said...

Yum! With cake like that I want to celebrate my birthday everyday!
Jim S.

Pooka said...

Hi =]
I really want to be a GoGoBoy because of you. You're the best. Bye!

xdjnguyen said...

Those pics are so sexy!

Gurk said...

Those pics are the hottest I've ever seen in my life

kdca1979 said...

next time can i be the one cleaning up the cake off of you? you're beautiful!