30 October 2008

I Bought a Costume Today

It's an instant cat.
Black PVC with Kelly green PVC and Kelly green plastic jewel accents.
Ears on a headband.
Tail with a loop.

I will be wearing it tonight at the Cock. Costumes for Friday and Saturday night are more substantial.


I'm really sad that I haven't posted things that I reminded myself to post last post. It seems like cheating if I post about them now, but what the Hell?


d@n!3L said...

It doesn't matter. As long as you do post about those things, it technically wouldn't be cheating...it'd just be delayed :)

write on, handsome, write on.

filmfanatikk said...

where are the pix??????

sexykoonsfan1986 said...

you'd be the only pussy id ever pet. meow baby meow.

you are a sexy bitch!

sexykoonsfan1986 said...

leave me some love on my blog or email me

Anonymous said...

What no pictures? I can only imagine...

Anonymous said...

Hey man, you haven't blogged in awhile. Hope all is well & good. Uh, did you get any this weekend? lol
Any trips to Los Angeles planned in the (near) future?
Jeff D
(Could you BE any fuckin' hotter?!!)

Anonymous said...

aw, i wish u would post more. i like your how blunt u r