31 July 2009

No Advice Please

I had lunch with this cute Jewboy I picked up while locking my bike up a block away from the office.

I noticed him cruising me as I dismounted. I said, "Hi." He said, "Hi," and kept walking. Not enjoying asking myself "What if?" I shouted at him, "WHAT'S YOUR NAME?" He turned around and walked back. Good boy.

He's adorable, laughs like a stoner, and is moving with his boyfriend to Northern California in the Fall. Awesome! What makes it even better? His boyfriend leaves in two weeks. Perfect.

29 July 2009

I Think I Need to Change the Name of this Blog

Cory Koons is a sexworker. I read other sexworker blogs, and they're all about sex, or at least sexy.

This blog is the furthest thing from sexy.


I'm in Love

With a married man.

I am working crazy hours right now.

I get home, it's late, I'm stressed, I smoke some grass, and I don't want to face my adoring fans. Sadface.

It's raining like a motherfucker. Someone get those Native Americans to stop dancing!

I'm writing this from my office. For those of you that don't know, and I don't know why any of you would know, I am now working in the field of costume design for major motion pictures. There are lots of windows in the costume department, on the 12th floor. No building behind this one so I can see out. The lightning is amazing. I don't really want to get into it or I'll start to sound really out there.

But. We are all so insignificant. I do not mean that in a depressed, deprecating way--it's true. The sky. It's so big. Much bigger than we will ever be.

I'm a total narcissist. I have no self esteem. This is not uncommon, but I think my case is more severe than others.

Of course I do!

22 July 2009


Literally. I just realized it. My face ISN'T perfect! I was shocked at first, myself... But it makes sense, right? Nothing's perfect!

So yeah, the left side of my face is kinduva MASKFACE. Since it is the side of my face that emotes--I smirk, sneer, squint, raise eyebrow, almost exclusively on the left side, therefore aging it more quickly. The right side of my face, by comparison, is gorged over. The skin is smooth, the cheek rosy , the eye emotes and twinkles, the brow above is arched every slightly more elegantly, the mouth is simpering rather than sulking.

I thought I was totally immune to MASKFACE. It's urban legend that Kate Moss has been such a successful model solely because of her WONKFACE.

As my exbf/bff succinctly stated, "Everyone loves a dude that can suck your dick, look you in the eye AND gaze at your cock at the same time."

19 July 2009


I am a bit fried. Went to Fire Island over the weekend. Worked the door for my dear friend Rich King's SUMMERSNAXX party at the Ice Palace in Cherry Grove. It was a hoot. This is a pic of me before I became so krispy.

14 July 2009

Dinner for One

I prefer eating almost everything out of a wide, shallow bowl. The one I just at from has an empty crib at the bottom of a staircase, with a doll discarded on the floor. green and bone. depicting wood paneling. the lip is made to look like three pieces of curved wood nailed down.

13 July 2009

Pic from my Latest Porn Shoot

i thought you guys would be interested in what I look like these days...

When Will I Ever Shut Up?

This is a bit old but I figure it's worth posting.
Fun times. It seems like I know what I'm talking about at least a bit, right? Strangely, the editor of the article did some incorrect research and made me sound like more of an asspig than I really am (!!!)(first time I've ever said that). I have done a fisting movie, but as a top. I believe I was fisty von fistenbergs thirteenth fist.

I have a funny story about all of that, well now that I think about it a few related funny stories, which should be in a post titled Adventures in Fistysitting or My Dating Experiment. Both of these blog posts I may or may not write one day.


a free lunch.
bad publicity.
nuclear waste.
clean coal.
a natural disaster.
a stupid question.
a retired porn star.

Special thanks to Google's suggestions.