22 July 2009


Literally. I just realized it. My face ISN'T perfect! I was shocked at first, myself... But it makes sense, right? Nothing's perfect!

So yeah, the left side of my face is kinduva MASKFACE. Since it is the side of my face that emotes--I smirk, sneer, squint, raise eyebrow, almost exclusively on the left side, therefore aging it more quickly. The right side of my face, by comparison, is gorged over. The skin is smooth, the cheek rosy , the eye emotes and twinkles, the brow above is arched every slightly more elegantly, the mouth is simpering rather than sulking.

I thought I was totally immune to MASKFACE. It's urban legend that Kate Moss has been such a successful model solely because of her WONKFACE.

As my exbf/bff succinctly stated, "Everyone loves a dude that can suck your dick, look you in the eye AND gaze at your cock at the same time."


karl said...

I'm sorry but that cock is so large you couldn't miss gazing at it if your were looking at the moon!

And if I'm correct, it's the left side of your face you're showing and to me it looks as soft and supple as a baby's bottom. But I bet your whole face winces a bit when you first sit on that thing. I mean my bottom hurts just looking at it!!!

Alec Sarkas said...

I read what you wrote in this entry at least three times, but I am distracted by how handsome you are in the included photo. Mask or no mask, you give good face!

coquin said...

So Cory, now seeing that you've got twice the charisma, does it mean you'll be making twice the money??

Da Slickness said...

I think everything about you is perfectly flawless...well with the exception that you are not here right now.
We need to work on that.