29 July 2009

I Think I Need to Change the Name of this Blog

Cory Koons is a sexworker. I read other sexworker blogs, and they're all about sex, or at least sexy.

This blog is the furthest thing from sexy.



karl said...

Yeah but those other blogs are either pure fiction or the sex obsessed products of a "one trick pony" (pun intended). The Cory Koons blog is the product of a real live, living and breathing individual with all the angst (and maybe somewhat more) that all your faithful readers share in our own lives. You prove we are not alone. Plus your work as an escort fulfills some of our fantasies.

But dump the married guy. There's no future in that for either of you and you deserve far far better.

Anonymous said...

Nah, you can have a sex work blog and have it be about anything.