31 July 2009

No Advice Please

I had lunch with this cute Jewboy I picked up while locking my bike up a block away from the office.

I noticed him cruising me as I dismounted. I said, "Hi." He said, "Hi," and kept walking. Not enjoying asking myself "What if?" I shouted at him, "WHAT'S YOUR NAME?" He turned around and walked back. Good boy.

He's adorable, laughs like a stoner, and is moving with his boyfriend to Northern California in the Fall. Awesome! What makes it even better? His boyfriend leaves in two weeks. Perfect.


karl said...

Ah Cory . . . a slut after my own heart . . . . .

[keep us informed please]

Da Slickness said...

Your stories make me often smile and laugh and keep me always thinking and sometimes on my toes.
And you never never fail to raise my interest.