28 April 2008

One of my Greatest Fears

Is that I'm boring. This was confirmed today when I last minute canceled a plan to go to a big radical faerie gathering for May Day which takes place on one of their compounds, Short Mountain in Tennessee. Maybe I am secretly boring, and I just go-go dance and turn tricks and do porn and work in fashion and art to make myself more interesting, and once all my friends figure this out, and also that I am pure evil on the inside trying to be nice on the outside, they will hate me along with the rest of the world.

It's one of those days. It's been a while since I've had one this severe.

It's raining. I want it to be sunny and pretty.


karl said...

Depression has its own voice. This is Cory's depression talking, trying to justify itself by hopping to convince him that he is evil. The eyes I looked into early last Friday morining at the Cock were a window on a soul that is daring and not given to convention but definately NOT evil. I should know. As they say, "Been there: done that." Sorry Cory. karl

Anonymous said...

You're not boring. You have a interesting life. Only an interesting person could have an interesting life. I hope you feel better now.

Sean said...


Artist in NYC is drawing EVERYONE in NYC for a project, captured Jeff Koons. Didn't your stage last name come from this guy? Thought you'd wanna know, possibly get sketched yourself :)

Sean said...


Artist in NYC is sketching EVERYONE, and captured Jeff Koons (your stagename namesake?). Thought you might wanna know, might wanna get sketched for this cool exhibit.

Anonymous said...

What the the bloody hell are you rambling on about? Tennesee?? We never want you to utter that word again. Seriosly. What the hell were you thinking anyway? They should be going to you- not you to them!! You need to stop whining and be a man. We love you just the way you are; from reading your blog. Being "evil ourselves" and getting a lot of shit for it, we appreciate people who put it out there!! There's nothing worse than someone feeling sorry for themselves. You can not possibly be that boring!!!!Impossible!!! If only we could meet people in Asia with your moxy!

Your utterly devoted fans
Wessel and Jason

Sarah said...

You know, I used to always have that fear, too. But you know, I've come to realize that there's absolutely nothing with staying in every so often or whatever - you need to do what makes you happy, not be everything to everyone. I've had a few friends give me shit for the fact that I go through hermit/introvert periods, and honestly? That just reads to me like they're so worried about being boring that they're projecting it onto me because. It's not a bad thing to be comfortable enough with yourself that you don't need to be surrounded by other people 24/7.

Sorry if that was weird rambling, it's just something that I had to deal with too and I felt like babbling =P