14 April 2008

I Keep Missing

therapy, which is troubling. The other day, I showed up for therapy five minutes early. I was very proud of myself. My habit of being late for everything is one of the reasons why I'm there, late. In any case, I arrive five minutes early. I wait for a bit, fall asleep for an hour, wake up, and realize it's WEDNESDAY not THURSDAY. The next week, and I shit you not, I forget it's Thursday, and think it's Wednesday and miss it again. At my next session, we decided I would set a weekly alarm on my iPhone so I wouldn't forget. The next week I remembered when the alarm went off, vibrating my toe and making me giggle as I lay on my rooftop on a blanket soaking up the sun and huge bong tokes. I was forty minutes late, so I had to reset my weekly alarm forty minutes earlier. It now goes off at 4:31PM, Thursdays.

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Ken Knox said...

Hey Cory,

Loving your blog. You have a real way with words--plus YOU CAN SPELL! Rare for a porn star in these days of illiterate celebs. Could you be any hotter?


Ken Knox, Unzipped Mag