29 November 2009

Not Again...

I haven't left my house since Wednesday.
I haven't showered since Thursday.

Hot or Not?

I have petted my roommate's cats, collectively, for around ninety-six hours.
I have let dishes (some from TD2009 still; no one stayed around to help me clean. At all.) take over the kitchen.
I am wearing sweat pants.

Hot or Not?


eunuch said...

Sorry Cory.

For some of us there is no f'n way you could ever be un-hot!

Happy left overs.

Suffern AC said...

I'll go with temporarily not hot. Fortunately for you, the hotness can return by taking a shower, doing the dishes, and leaving the house. That seems rather simple. I could do all those things, and I'd still be not hot ... lukecold would be more like it.

Da Slickness said...

Your always hot to me, regardless of what you do or say

Anonymous said...

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