22 April 2011

My Pits Smell Like Cum

I spent the weekend with a handsome whip-smart guy.  The crush has been mutual and years-long.  I had a great time.  It was very sweet, relaxing, almost romantic.  The problem: for some reason or another, we only had sex once.  I was certainly holding back for some reason... Oh yeah, that's right, the whole sickening combination of sex and intimacy! 

In any case, I get home and my pits are smelling more.  If I sleep overnight with a guy my pits always smell more.  My testosterone is raging.  I get another load in me, and it just makes me more crazed.  I make plans to meet a guy off the interwebs at a new cruising ground I had never heard of.  I am in the boonies.  I drive out where the road ends into a bigger road onto a side road along I-5, past the river and into a parking lot by the bike path (who knew the bike path went this far, and what did fags do without nature paths?)  His described car is there.  I get out of my car and walk towards the path and the bushes, see him, and walk through the thorns.

We pull our dicks out after a bit of small talk about how there are no truckers or oil field workers looking for blowjobs before they go home today.  I get on my knees and start sucking his cock.  I'm impressed how big it gets.  Then he starts sucking my dick, giving me a great blowjob, flips me around and starts eating my ass till he decides to fuck me for a while.  Every now and then I turn around to suck his dick off and give him a kiss.  Then he tells me to shoot, boy.  I shoot a huge load all over my jeans around my ankles, the dirt, and my boots.  I scoop up some of the cum, feed it to him and me and we start making out.  When he gets close he asks me where I want the cum.  Initially I get on my knees facing him but realize I'd rather have it in my ass (duh) so I flip around and he rams his dick in my ass and shoots his load.  I make sure to milk every last drop.  I taste it on his dick and from my ass.  Pants up and back to cars.  A bit of small talk, a "by the way, what's your name?" and I'm back in my car.  Total time:  15 minute?

I didn't shower for a couple days afterwards.  I swear to god my pits smelled like cum.  


Anonymous said...

Very hot. I would have loved to eat your pits after two days of not showering...fuck yes. Love this blog man. I'm glad you found the freedom to be who you really are. I'm still trying to do that. Great blog.

Anonymous said...

You just get hotter and hotter, I am so hard right now after reading this story....
Would have loved to have watched it all.

Anonymous said...

You have no soul.

Mr. Koons said...

is that you, bb?

Gary said...

hey, does this mean you actually surf craigslist and meet up with guys? That's hot...man I'd really love to meet a porn star like you...It is kinda hot to do it in public too ;-) Wish I could get at you!

Anonymous said...

My god I just cum on myself everytime I read your shit.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine keeps a blog like yours called "ADVENTURES WITH BIKEGUY13 - TRUE TALES OF A SEX ADDICT"

We used to head to the bookstores, movie houses (that showed porn, of course), woods, etc. Then the fucker moved to Cleveland.

Anyway, he writes about nothing except his explicit sex scenes. I think you may like it. He goes by Bike guy 13, his blog is here:http://www.bikeguy13.blogspot.com.

I think a scene between the two of you would be hot, except you are both bottoms...maybe you could work something out ;-{)}

Scott Rob.

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Nick said...

I must admit the idea of cum-smelling pits arouses me endlessly.

Anonymous said...

I would have loved to lick your armpits and rimmed your asshole full of cum!

mk said...

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