19 March 2006

This is Really Hard for Me Now

I just don't want to write about my life. I'm afraid it's because I'm ashamed of it, even though from a typical moral viewpoint my life is least shameful now than it's ever been. I don't want you to know what's going on inside my head or am I just projecting?


Randy said...

This is your blog. If you don't want to talk about things that you consider bad, tell about the things you consider good.

Anonymous said...

Found this blog randomly. Sounds like you are just having the same issues all mid-late twenty somethings are having about their life. Besides, Soymilk is inferior.

usg2@lycos.com said...

you don't have a life. you're a whore, whore's are useless people that would suck your cock for a dime or two....don't like whore's and now it's about free speech, what does hoe's have to do with free speech

northernlad said...

write man - tell us your thoughs - only the bad is facinating - the good is boring ;)

northernlad ***
:)))) gay & proud ****