11 June 2005

Hand to Phone

I meant to write about this yesterday while all the rage was fresh in my mind, but I've had 24 hours to simmer on it, and here goes:

I did something for the first time yesterday--I took a dick in my ass! It kinda hurt, I think I'm really tight, but I guess I'll try it again. No, really, I deleted someone from my phone. And not just anybody, but a really hot guy with a beautiful body and cock and ass. This is very shocking for me considering what I've put up with just because I'm a big slut. When I'm really sexually attracted to a guy, especially when he's over eight inches and thick, it doesn't really matter what his personality is like; there's a good chance I'm not very interested in him. Ooooh, the truth comes out. But yeah, had to do it. Erase from phone, as well as my manhunt.net buddy list. I'm amazed at myself.

Some strange transformation is happening to me. I think I'm developing self-respect. Or this strange attitude that's like "I don't care if he's hot and hung, he's a fucking dipshit retard and I don't have to put up with someone's shit that I don't even like talking to or spending time with that's disrespectful and lame to me when all I want to do with them is try to teach them how to fuck me halfway decently." It's really weird. I don't quite understand it. I'm actually happier abusing myself with my trusty latex kitchen sinks than muster the energy up to find flesh and blood.

And as I say this, I'm thinking, hmmm, I wonder if I can squeeze in a visit to West Side Club before I have to work.

So I guess, basically, whereas in the past I've actually wanted to get to know people to fuck, now I either want my best friends that are always hard and never let me down, or just some anonymous sex with a half-hard tweaker at a sex club.


jack said...


jack said...

God, you're slutty.