15 June 2005

I Can't Believe it's Happening to Me

I've heard people talk about this but have never experienced it:

So I finally got a hook off the internet last night that lives two blocks away from me. SCORE! I run over there, he bends me over, eats my ass for a bit and tries to shove his dick in me. AS IF! ! ! I don't bareback kids, even though I wish I did, let me tell ya. So yeah, he's fucking me, pulls out, starts jacking off, I'm like, come on bitch, fuck me some more, and then finally puts it back in with the condom falling off and starts groaning, like he's cumming. I back him out of me, and he starts ejaculating. WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE? ? ? I didn't realize that guys out there really did just try to cum up your ass whether you like it or not. So weird. I just don't get it. So then after that, I ask him to finger fuck me and he just won't really stick his hand in there, like he was going to hurt me. Once again, AS IF! I then noticed a small empty medical thingie on the ground and thought it was going to be triple antibiotic ointment or something, in hopes that the condom would break, but it was actually water-soluble lube. I don't get it.

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