08 June 2005

I've Been Waiting a Lifetime for a Moment. . .

So I started writing this shit after a hiatus, and not three days later, I get an e-mail saying that this blog has been chosen as Best Gay Blog of the Week! I don't really have anything to say tonight, but as they valued my constantly updated content, I felt I had to constantly update it.

Content, not quality? Fuck that.

I'm trying to bring back the art of public cruising; however, my initial reaction when seeing a guy that makes my crotch stir is to look at him with what I think is my "hot face," but according to various photographers, and I joke you not, is actually my "Cory, relax your face. Look sexy, not serial murderer," face, and probably the same face that while putting on a dildo (fire hydrant) show with a trick last night was my "Cory, you look so serious and angry" face. I think that's why guys like me doggystyle. Whenever I fuck a guy missionary he inevitably stops and says "God you look so unhappy and angry" face. Fuck, sorry, I also smile a lot when getting reared, I swear.

Happy face. Angry face. Happy face. Angry face.

I also snapped at a customer at Bloomingdale's when they interrupted a sales associate and me (I've been looking for a pair of low-rise, tapered stretch jeans, and can't fucking find them anywhere; it's killing me) with the question, "What size is this shirt?" "It's vintage, there is no size marked." "Well, is it a large?"

My life is starting to appear boring. The only thing interesting to me is that in my porn roles I'm going from Crazy Chinese Chef to Palestinian to Skater Boi to Gang Bang Bottom Fucko. After I get a savage tan and braids, I'm calling up Latino Fan Club. If anyone from Latino Fan Club is reading this, holla, holla.

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gwm4u2top said...

In my opinion, those guys who can't read your facial expressions just aren't familiar with Japanese guys. :-)