06 January 2010

wonky eye here

the wonk means I'm serious.  Serious!  My roommate's kittens are going nuts.  She is on her way to Antarctica so I have both floors to myself.  It's nice, yet lonely, and the kitties are so starved for attention, they basically follow me around and do cute things with sporadic chirps that sound like "MEAW!"I am starting to realize my original hypothesis about cats being masochists is correct.  The longer I intentionally ignore one of them, the easier it is to make him make muffins in the air just by looking at him, or singing...  imagine if our buttons were so easy.  some of ours are.  I met a guy that likes to spank me.  I've never been into spanking; I"m a bit of a pain pussy to be quite honest.  And I'm a smartass, including in the bedroom.  I am the furthest thing from bossy.  My instigating temperament seems the last to leave the building.   This guy will stop fucking me to spank me when that happens.  I hate it.  I hate being spanked.  And not moving.  cuz the more I move the harder he'll hit.  not to tense up, ditto.  He has done some things to me that have never been done before.  Most of them I could figure out what he was doing then do them on him.  He's excited to watch me grow in strength in domming him, which is not making me feel like I'm any less his slave.  I think it's good for me to learn to not mouth off all the time.  Or at least be able to restrain it.  So yeah.  I'm kinda getting excited about it.  He's out of town for two weeks and my ass is turning to a normal color and making me kinda sad.  I guess that is what the internet is for, folks!  To find someone to cut a switch and whip you over their knee!  That lives approx. 4286 ft away from me thank you Grindr! 

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