08 January 2010

I'm the Most Honest, Heartfelt Person You are Going to Meet

And please take that into consideration when you read me.  Because although you like to read, I like to read as well.  I like to read.  A lot.  I can't even stop myself most of the time.  The letters don't even have to be in front of my face for me to read them.  C-O-R-Y I can see all in my peripheral.

Seriously, why are you gonna fuck with ME?  I love YOU.  Just talk to me.  Tell me what's up.  Or at least fucking talk to me when I corner you to talk to me.  I'm not ghetto, but I get shit done.  I think it's called a motherfucking samurai.  OK?

I'm a really sweet, sensitive guy...  it's hard for me to not take things personally (which is lame since I am a veteran in this field) from time to time, but I guess I just never expect to take things personally from people I know personally, ya know?  Like, couldn't you have mentioned that sooner?   

1 comment:

eunuch said...

You're showing serious signs of isolation. I think that until your roommate returns, you might consider hiring a substitute: someone who can responds to your comments unlike the cats. I'd be readily available at no charge were I not deathly allergic to the cats.