06 January 2010

Christmas Eve/Officially XMAS, 5AM

I left the dinner party still chirpy. After unlocking my bike I hopped on a ding dinged myself past the rest of the departing crew.

Roughly three seconds later I was evaluating my performance for the night. Did I laugh too loud? Is everyone there just enamored with my wit and beauty? Am I a fucking disgusting fake person that acts like this totally fake person so he can get attention and people will be fooled to think he's nice. Did I make a fool of myself?

I am unlocking the outside gate and I start crying. WTF? Keep it together. Feed the kitties, call my fam, no one answers but my sis, taking a dump in the bathroom at work (the ER) so after a few laughs I watch some TV. Alone. Then. Lo and behold. a text from my hot upstairs neighbor. He loves big booties.  We cruised each other on the subway.  The first time our pants came off, we both sighed...  he loves big juicy butts and do I have to tell you guys what I think about big Puerto Rican dick?  I didn't even wear clothes up to his place.


He tore me up.  He gave it all to me.  God Blessed. 

Followed by some cuddle, and him napping in my arms, I scoot out the door down the two floors to my place. Amazing. Thank you, baby Jesus.

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Gord said...

Another Christmas Miracle!!!
Lucky you!! No....lucky him!!! Very lucky him!!!