15 January 2010

I'm Asking

What if I really liked him?  What if he's a client?  What if he is a creep and I gave him my number out of pity?  What if he reads this blog (PS that totally happens to me all the time--writing about people or situations on this blog and having it bite me in the ass.  I forget sometimes that I am two different people, and when people know my host body and not Cory I will let something slip as Cory and then they know what a trashy ho I am.  Because they had no fucking clue before that.  Christ.  I'm fucked.  Fucked.  Fuck me.)?


Christine Marinoni said...

Anyone else think it's time for CK to take some time off, maybe check into a nice quiet convent for a few years of recuperation? Somethings shouldn't be this hard, even for a sleazy porn himbo/part-time whore, eh?

Mr. Koons said...

what a bitch.