04 July 2005

Strange Waves

So as some of you know, last week was my week of the old-fashioned two dicks in one hole trick. This had nothing to do with me. Nothing. I didn't look for it, or ask for it. OK, I asked for it once, but, fuck, what were they waiting for?

This week, it's been my week of color. I've literally had sex with more hot, sexy, hung black men in the past week than I think I ever have. . .I don't understand why, or how, and it once again has nothing to do with me, but this is just how it's worked out.

I'm very excited to see what happens next week.


A Talented One said...
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A Talented One said...

Cory, babe, this is my new favorite blog, so please -- more details...okay, okay, I know your profile mantra and this isn't supposed to be titilating or arousing, but, well, dammit, it is. Deal...being whiter than white, I generally date men of color...which can be as little as a sunburn...