04 July 2005

I Can't Tell if this is Messy or Not

So I was on the Bad Boys on the Hudson cruise yesterday, one of Will Clark's fundraisers. I was glad that it was a fundraiser for something good, I think, some sort of anti-gay violence thing ha ha ha ha, which I think is a more noteworthy cause then the last fundraiser I helped Will Clark out with which I think was to give broke showtune queens dying of aids one last chance to see their Broadway favorites or something like that. To cope with all my, ahem, fame, and the stimulating people around me, I had to get extremely drunk. This led to me crumping (I've been very inspired by David LaChappelle's Rize lately) and circuit dancing, to the horror of my friend Adam.

This led to a bar crawl involving the Maritime, the Park, and A.P.T. After all this, I decided it would be a good idea to go to the West Side Club to get fucked, so I did, but when I got there I realized I was too drunk, sleepy, and hungry to be any good. I decided that meth would be a good idea despite not liking it and not doing it in over three oh wait I mean a year. I found some coke, found some cock (and it was large and attached to a black man [see previous blog please]), he fucked me for an hour, I was starting to get tired again, he came, left, I was about to go back around the dump and shower and find more cock, but then next thing I know I look at my phone, it's 9am, and I've been asleep this whole time.

It was all just a dream!

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