30 July 2005

Guess I'll Just Eat Worms

Here and I think it was about me complaining a lot, but I'm not sure any more. Right now, all I can think of is that I'm kinda pissed that my friend Angela postponed brunch for fifteen minutes which means that even though I was running on time, now I'll write this, lay around, and then be an extra fifteen minutes late. It also forced me to write something here. Hmmmm. . .Should I get stoned right now?

OH, something really funny happened. I should totally put my foot in my mouth, but why should I start now? Remember when I was talking about that porn star cruise and how it kinda sucked? Well, now you can read all about it. I feel like such an asshole!
Kindly read the comments. Ouch. Hope I didn't burn any bridges. Damn. Pretty soon it's gonna be me, and me. Way of the Samurai.

Have I mentioned I'm broke? There I go complaining again. . .

Did I tell y'all lately that breakups are really hard? Oh wait, that COULD be constituted as complaining.

OK, well, I'm gonna have brunch now. Have I mentioned that I'm getting mildly obsessed with straight porn lately? More on that later.

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