13 February 2009

What You Are Doing Tonight

Sorry for the late notice, but I am doing the dance tonight at the Eagle NYC, for Max Scott and Mark Nelson's V-Day party, the Stag Ball.

There will be other, more famous porn stars there that are in better shape than me. The bonus is that I will be messier, cheaper, and drunker than anyone!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh to be in the NYC area to see that show. Now there is something to put on your rentboy headline..

Hi I'm Cory Koons and I am messier, cheaper and drunker !

I love this blog with posts dripping in sarcasm and odds and ends about your life.

This brings a smile to my face and makes you even more appealing then you already are.

Can't wait to hear your comments on the nights events.

Anonymous said...

Hey man -
Kinda fucked up myself tonite-- anyway - been a fan of your sexuality - that doesn't sound right -- how fuckin' hot you are since - I don't know -- some of your really early porn - including the titan manplay shit (which you said you hated, but still can make me cum) - I hope me and you can get over our depressions (your east coast shit and my west coast fuckin' shit) and maybe meet for coffee (decaf -lol) somewhere in-between - anyway, try to stay positive - I think there may be even more to you than YOU think there is - you deserve some good coming your way - keep blogging - you'd be surprised how many guys (complete strangers to you maybe) really do care. Goin' to bed. Alone tonight. (Fuck!) Take care. Love ya. Jeff D.