11 February 2009

the name is cory koons, don't forget it

10 Feb 2009, 14:13
tktk: fucking HAWTTTTTTTTTT!!!
i know i know u from porn, but cant for the life of me remember ur name.
hottie asian boi pussy getting banged bb is so fucking HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!
im in love...

11 Feb 2009, 01:30
You: i haven't been gang banged bb... in a movie though?!?!?HMPH!

thanks for the compliments. i don't like to think of my hole as an asian boi pussy though.

private password attached: mrkoons


Anonymous said...

The headline out to read..
How to not keep my attention or "who the fuck you calling boi pussy"

lxvxjxnkie said...

um, yeah, eww. you handled it nicely though! kept your dignity.