24 February 2009

I Cry for Attention

And I get it. Thanks guys. And you know what? I'm totally tired of talking about being depressed. Christ. Who isn't, especially now? Crap. Fantasies are not supposed to be doom and gloom (unless that is what gets your dick hard) and I have been a major boner kill. OK, so maybe my life has been a major boner kill, but that doesn't mean I have to become a boner kill.

Most importantly today, I have been nominated for "Best Ass" in the 3rd Annual Hookie Awards. Last year I was nominated for "Best Versatile Escort." Since the awards show is in my town, if I win, that means I will be there to make a speech. OMG. Who wants to hear that? I get chills just thinking about it. Follow the link to place your vote:


Thanks again guys, and please, tell all your friends, and vote as many times as you can!


nycblondtop said...


I actually think I nominated you ;-)

Good luck, Cory! Wish I could there to watch you accept!


Anonymous said...

i totally just voted for u!