25 February 2009

I Finally Fucked a Pageant Winner

Right after I had my intake with my new therapist.

A friend of mine owns a catering company. I work for him from time to time. Most of the time, I am awash in a sea of anonymity. Other times, there are nights like last night. Within fifteen minutes of the doors opening, I am spotted by someone I work with in my day job (I work in fashion. Appearance is everything. My porn career hasn't been too much of a hinderance as my appearance naked is quite nice.). He says, "Oh hi, so nice to see you. What are you doing here? Are you doing the PR for the event?"

I say, no, I'm picking up your dirty glasses. I contemplate lying for a second, but I am no good at that sort of thing.

He says, "You do what you have to do."

Maybe ten minutes later, the same thing happens to me. Again. At this point, I am mildly horrified.

Not a few moments after that, and a young stranger walks up to me and says hello to me, addressing me by my real name. I politely say hello, and he tells me he is a big fan of mine. As he used my real name, I am assuming he means my work in fashion. I ask him to clarify. He responds, "Your work, um, in movies..."

I ask him how he knows my real name. He tells me "Facebook. Mind if I take a photo of you?"

I smile pretty for the camera. I don't like to take bad photos. I know my angles.

He then says, "You do what you gotta do."



Tim said...

This blog is something else, at the end of the readings I usually have a smile on my face with the way you tell stories its almost like we are there in the room with you.

I bet you felt like falling on the floor when the fan said that after the pic was taken..it was probably one of the WTF moments.

Hope your week is a good one!

ceifeiro said...

I love your blog. Post more often, pls. Or start to write something... Love U!

Sean said...

I really like you now more than ev Cory
you're so sexy and FUCKIN fun!
I can't fit you in to come over and recite poetry.
So at least sing me to sleep!
You should release a single SOON!
Dual vers you know..
dirty hot agnst the wall / missionary w/ light kisses
Please consider
Love you