05 February 2009

I woke up punching the wall.

My sleeping nook is just that. three walls spaced far enough apart to barely fit a queen-size mattress, half a flight of stairs up from my closet and bathroom. I have never punched walls in my sleep until now. Interesting.

On another note, I have been reading other porn star's blogs out there this AM, and I realized that they are all sex addicts that talk about sex a lot. I guess, a lot like how I used to be. What happened, you ask? I'm working on it.


Anonymous said...

Cory: We've never met though I've seen you at a couple of different events (Bad Boys Pool Party, Palm Springs, Michael Brandon's Inappropriate Party, Palm Springs) - I've been a fan for a while. I've been checking in to read your block every now and then (kinda as often as you do - lol) and I just wanted to say two things. First, you are a really interesting guy (I started to say "character" but didn't want to sound flip or offend you) - I find your short blogs describing what you're going through and dealing with almost surreal. As opposed to so many of the gay porn blogs that are just "he's hot hot hot!" and "I fucked him here, there and everywhere blah, blah, blah." Those are fun, too, but I gotta say your cryptic blogs are vastly more interesting and, yeah, off-the-wall. Anyway, number two -- I've been suffering from depression myself - though I'm not comparing our cases - and I appreciate the effort it takes to find the energy/desire/interest to even get out of bed some mornings, let alone blog. I just wanted to wish you well and hope that your circumstances change for whatever you discover is best for you. And I never meant to ramble on so much when I first started this. Take care. Jeff D

Mr. Koons said...

Hey Jeff D.--Thanks so much for your comments. It means a lot to know that people out there appreciate what I have to say, trust me! Life is such a fucking tightrope/chainsaw juggle/laser beam security system... My biggest problem is probably that I think too much, and with that said, the majority of the world should think more. If I can contribute to worldwide thinking and represent all downplayed ethnicities (as it seems I have become that to a certain degree) and be sexy. hot damn. mother theresa who?

Jeff, if you would like to chat about things further, (or all the hot sex I'm going to have this weekend and then write about), please don't hesitate to send me an email, and I mean that.