29 July 2008


they have this funny way of enhancing whatever you happen to be feeling at the moment. what is floating on clouds one night is sinking in a hole the next. tonight it feels like a cave that makes me keep my eyes open. it is weird.

it could be nerves. it could be emotions.

I have to wake up in four hours. I don't want to go to bed.

the sleep has been jittery lately.

I didn't want to leave the beach. no one knew me. my iPhone broke the minute i boarded the train. my voice mail box was full. one night turned into a week.

the man I was with and I are perfect for each other. great chemistry. instant pet names. we tried not to talk about anything important; keep it on the surface. we cuddled less but fucked with invariable intensity.

when I got back from the beach, I tried to pretend I was still there. stay at home. they won't find you here.


klaus said...

are you real. or is it fake? as mike was called
cole ryder.?

J. Shamama said...

i think you just reinvented poetry