13 July 2008

an excerpt from a letter I received two nights ago from my ex-lover/why i totally suck

the party was really really fun until I left without saying goodbye. I am going to do laundry this morning, after I burn some sage.

"if you intend to make a scene and throw things around and kick doors until they are falling of their hinges, I cannot be around you. If you cannot find a place to be calm when you are around me, we cannot be friends. I understand you are let down and disappointed with me but you have no right to behave with me as you did today. I never ever deserved this sort of treatment and I do not deserve to be treated this way now. I will not allow our interactions to ruin another event."

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w said...

Love sucks!!! (no pun intended)
You should have kicked him instead of all those stupid things, like doors etc., that just gets in the way!! But I also love the destruction and chaos!! Take it from me, he had it easy.
I had frozen meat, from the freezer, thrown at me in front of friends. Passion. The asshole should be flattered to have someone display their passion for him out in public.
Cory, you rule!!!