09 July 2008

I Found a New Way to Have Pork

I read this article a few months back in the Wednesday Times Food section:


In preparing a delightful summer pasta I came across the exact secret ingredient, guanciale, that they were talking about in that article.

I made a really delicious pasta with braised chicken thighs, guanciale, summer vegetables and herbs, and a bit of parmigiano tonight. It will be just as good cold tomorrow.

I feel so happy now that I don't really remember being anything BUT a happy person brimming with ideas I can't wait to execute.

Moving into a new space, having space of my own--a fucking HOME--has been the most amazing thing to happen to me in so long.

To those of you reading, we're on the home stretch now!!!


Anonymous said...

the home stretch? is there a particular ending you are hoping for? meal sounds delicious btw...

Anonymous said...

i m your super fan,can i send a email to u or make a firend with you?

Anonymous said...

I saw you in Zara, then J. Crew today. Not meaning that as creepy as it sounds. You are quite the looker.

Mr. Koons said...

You should have said hello! I was working on commercial yesterday--wardrobe, of course. I always like it when people say hi to me. I'm very friendly!

Mr. Koons said...

the particular ending I am hoping for is when everyone in the world starts living by the golden rule, and doesn't take only themselves into consideration. In fact, they put themselves last... people stop judging others and getting in their business. I allow myself to become successful, believe in myself a little bit, and do my part to create beauty and awareness in the world.