07 August 2008


I went to the gym for the first time in three months today. I realized that I look all skinny with long hair and funny clothes and I live in Brooklyn and ride my beat up crusty ass bike everywhere and buy vintage Hermés two-piece yacht outfits and wear proper hats with proper fuddy-duddy glasses and that if I really am set on pushing looks this hard then I need to have muscles again; I don't want to be a cliché.

I guess my attempt at anoxeria didn't work. back to muscle milk, cottage cheese, chicken breast (I will be substituting braised chicken legs. mmmmm), creatine, nitric oxide, omega-3 fatty acids, lots of red and blue foods (antioxidants), and of course, plenty of water!

I am currently thinking about changing my manhunt profile. Adding raunchier pictures. No pictures except of me deepthroating cock, my hole spread open and oozing. I don't have any pictures like that. that is so sad. I will now post a picture of me that I think is quite beautiful. In any case, people just don't seem to get it with my profile. I think it needs to read something like, "If you are a big fat dick and have a genius with a twisted sense of humor developed from overcoming (but not all the way, more... fuzzy! like cotton candy. wanna taste it?) impediments, please use my hole, loan it out to a friend, put your cigarettes out in it. Clean the streets with it.


Anonymous said...

Fuck! Why do I get hard everytime I read your blog? Fuck! (Any trips planned in the near future to Palm Springs or L.A.? Fuck!
Jeff D.

corey said...

what's your manhunt account???

Jeff D said...

Hey sexy fucker - I owe you one - I just came to you today in one of your vids - "Pig Trough" - luv you and Drew Peters. Fuck yeah!

Anonymous said...

You big tease! I spent half a day looking for your Manhunt profile but couldn't find it! :) Thanks for the updates, sounds like things are going well. JJ.