09 February 2010

new projects

are in the air.  I've been going back and forth (in my head, but not really....  a moment of talking myself out of it here and there) but all it takes is a look at a picture and the reality of it all and I get a boner, and is a boner so bad?


Christine Marinoni said...

Uhhh, fuck yah, it is. My lady Cyn and I have spent our whole fucking lives dodging boners! (Well, boners & that hag Cattrall. What a drag that wrinked ol' prune is.)

And from the looks of your last few weeks' of postings, it looks like the sort of boners you're chasing are the slimy, tattooed, drugged-out, unprotected & poz kind... which, I think we're all in agreement on, you should most-definitely be avoiding!

mk said...

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