16 July 2007


I'm not sure quite why I feel like writing this again. Maybe it's because I'm revving up to start doing porn again. Maybe it's because I had raucus, dirty, hot sex all weekend with my hot boyfriend and others. Maybe I'm truly becoming comfortable in my skin (at least MORE comfortable). Or maybe I just want more attention.

I'm tired. Have a boner. Sore ass. I learned something last night. Expect a sore ass if you're going to do the whole "get fucked by a huge nicely curved thick cock with absolutely no lube or spit" trick. Yeah. Didn't realize, for some reason, that that could hurt. I guess every other time I've done it my ass has already been a little greasy already. Maybe it was just slimey with discharge. I kid, I kid!!!

To bring things up to date for all you kiddies who have been awaiting my return to blogland, I still live in New York City. I still work in fashion, but I am doing much more freelance. It is going well. I am building my name up, and no, that name is not Cory. I started working part time at a clothing shop in Chelsea just because I didn't feel like I was working enough. I am also dancing occasionally. I think it might be a good idea if I start posting when I'll be dancing around the 'hood so y'all can stop by and GIVE ME MONEY cuz I'm still broke.

I still have lots of free jeans. More than ever, actually. It's a bit scary. Freaks my boyfriend out. Would sell them on ebay but I'm not responsible enough to think for a second that I am able to ship things in a timely manner, so I've been thinking about selling things at a consignment store, but once again, don't think I'm responsible enough to consign (???). I've got a lot of sneakers too. And more!!! Thanks for all the suggestions.

I have a new boyfriend. He's amazing. The others pale in comparison. I think he is the reason that I'm getting comfortable with my big ol' slutty self again, finally. We're very compatible. We've been together for over a year now, and that is actually the longest I've gone without breaking up and getting back together on and on etc. Or at least breaking up for more than a day. You know what I mean More on him later, but you must know he gets so many kudos for sticking with me despite my, ahem, Sybil moments.

I'm still one of the most difficult people I know. Supposedly I'm worth it. So I've been told.

I miss me!

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