18 July 2007

My Idea is Your Idea

This has never happened to me but apparently it's really common:

You tell someone an idea. Lay it out for them. In detail. And then they spout it back at you, verbatim, like it's theirs.

You think, "Maybe they're just retarded."

You call and leave a detailed voicemail for them about something. For instance, "Hey dude, let's move the shoot to next week, there's a 50% chance of rain tomorrow and I don't want to chance it. If we could move it to Monday or Tuesday that would work really well for me. Let me know if that works for you. Sorry about this, just want to be safe rather than sorry."

The phone call back is this: "Hey dude, so I hear it's going to rain tomorrow. I think we should move the shoot. How about next week? Monday or Tuesday? Are you around? Is this OK? I just don't want the shoot to be rained out tomorrow. Better safe than sorry, right?"

Right. In these situations, as my boyfriend has told me, all you can do is say yes, and smile because you're getting everything you wanted.

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tellall said...

I am very happy to see you back again and to be able to read you again. I discovered you when you were in hibernation, or doing some run-down in Scientology. I also love New York, and now that San Francisco's almost as expensive, I wonder whey I don't move back. Again, what a nice surprise to click on the link to your blog and see a recent post. Ken