18 July 2007

Dirty Italians

So I'm go-go dancing at Big Lug some Saturdays ago. This very hot, small, furry furry furry Italian guy is eyeing me and being very direct and forward. He's hot, I'm getting hot, I say, wait till my boyfriend gets here. The boyfriend gets there. He realizes that, SURPRISE! it's the guy he was flirting with last night that kept on saying, "Wait till you see my boyfriend."

Needless to say, we take him back home. We do it. Like mad. Everyone's dick is in everyone's ass and mouth, one or two at a time. And it's protected. Shocking.

Fast forward. Monday. Trying to arrange some fun for the BF and me. We have two separate appearances we could make. I get back from appointments, he says, "Honey, I think we have the clap."

Today. Get call from doctor. Sure enough, it's not only the clap, but Chlamydia too. Fucking Hell. Those tourists!!!

The best is that maybe ten days prior to this, I had gotten a full screening and was totally clean. Dirty Italians.

First STD since I moved to NYC, and that was over three years ago. What s more shocking, that I didn't have an STD for three years, or that I got it from a Dirty Italian?

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