28 May 2005

This is SO Funny

I was just about to write something here, but then realized that I should take a shower, as I should be on the subway right now back to Manhattan. I then decided that I should just take a cab, because I'm really lazy, and even though I'm broke, I might as well, because otherwise I'll never leave. It will even be hard for me to make the phone call.

I'm finally at home for more than thirty minutes at a time since Tuesday. It's really annoying. I like my house. There are dogs here that I have to house-sit right now, which is nice since my dog Rookie (aka The Bobie) was put to sleep yesterday, which is fine because he was old and not enjoying life. There. I said it. And "Flashdance" is on the Women Channel. I don't want to go. I don't want to go. And I don't really like showering anyways.

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