09 May 2005

It's Been a Long Time

I actually forget that I have to write blogs now. It's good, though, I feel like it gives my life some sort of direction, meaning. I styled my friend Fredrick Ford's first music video yesterday, for his first single, a remake of "Too Funky." It was fun, if not slightly self-indulgent, as I made all the other porno boys (Johnny Hazzard, Arpad Miklos, Tony Serrano) try in and out of as many things as possible. It's times like those when I feel like a perv amongst pervs, if that makes any sense. When I'm an old man I better have lots of money so that I can, well, be pervy with young cute guys more easily. Hmmmm. . .What else is new? I can't sleep more than four hours at a time? That sucks. I still sleep on the floor? That sucks. I learned how to properly flatiron my hair? Fuckin' A, man. I've gone to the same bar in Williamsburg five nights in a row? Pathetic? Or is it becoming my Cheers, and what's wrong with that anyway? This is all I can handle right now. I need a cup of tea, but unfortunately, all that's here is earl grey, and though I'm a big fan of the essence of bergamot, I prefer it in scented candles.

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