05 December 2009

Old Dogs, New Tricks

So I fucked the hell out of this guy yesterday... and I was shocked at how much I liked it. He was vers but couldn't really keep it up all that well and mine was rock hard so hey! I received a fleshlight in some gift bag about a year ago, and thought it was pure novelty. A friend of mine told me, "Do your dick a favor and go home right now and use it."

To be honest, I've never been one for getting blowjobs or fucking--I think my chronic masturbation without lube until I started having actual sex created some sort of hypersensitivity that would make me lose my hardon, of course, unless I'm getting fucked. Back to the fleshlight. Holy fuck. Wow. That's what they're for. Fast forward a few months, I'm plowing this dude and liking it. And then I realized:

Fucking someone is like jerking off but using their asshole instead of your hand.

Why didn't anyone tell me this sooner?


Da Slickness said...

Where did that pic come from with Ole Saint Nick on fire ? Nice story and good to hear that you enjoyed a good fucking with you on the giving end.

pjwalsh25 said...

I bought my 1st FleshJack last spring, you really don't want to know how many i have now. I will never go back to my hand ever again.
Look at the STU it helps train you into lasting longer.